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About Me

Hello and welcome to my website!!

I believe everything happens for a reason. Now here we are, meeting for the first time which gives me the opportunity to share some life changing information with you. It’s my hope that the next few minutes that you spend here will increase your curiosity and perhaps resolve a few questions or concerns that you might have.

Hi, my name is Barbara Stewart and I want to share my passion and a little bit of my story with you.


I have spent my life trying to understand why I was having certain challenges even though I had done everything to research and understand the root of my problems. No matter what I tried, the issues of pain or emotional frustration would keep coming back. I felt like I was stuck at a dead end with no way out.

Then I was introduced to The Emotion Code and later The Body Code. I knew immediately that this was the vehicle that would change my life for the better. Within two weeks, I was at a Seminar presented by Dr. Brad. I felt that his approach and his sincere, solid and humble way of presenting and teaching was absolutely what I needed.

My life has changed in ways I could only hope for. I have changed physically, spiritually and even emotionally. I have also witnessed similar miraculous changes in so many lives because of Dr. Brad’s work. This form of energy healing is becoming widely recognized around the world as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care.

I am so excited about the healing work that I do that I want to share it with you too!  ONCE I EXPERIENCED THE POWER OF THE EMOTION CODE AND THE BODY CODE, MY LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME.

Please look around my site to see the amazing discoveries that are covering the earth and healing people everywhere on the globe.

Check out the different tools that are available to help you achieve all that you deserve in life, such as, abundance, joy, freedom from pain, improved relationships, better health and the ability to embrace life with gusto!

I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here with what I have shared with you.


Beauty, Purity, Renewal

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